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Wondering what you can do to cut down on food waste and help the environment? Here are some easy tips on how to reduce your waste, and some great recipes for leftover or past-it’s-best food.

COMPOST: composting is a great way to get rid of food and organic matter in an environmentally friendly way.

DONATE: if you have non-perishable food items that won’t get used, donate them to your local food bank.

SHOP AROUND: There are many shops popping up and even some supermarkets which are now offering a packaging-free shopping experience. Try buying your fruits, veggies, pastas and grains from these places.

BUY IN BULK: to reduce packaging and save money. But remember, only buy as much as you need!

GET REUSABLE BAGS: and stop using single-use plastic! Keep a few canvas bags in your car/by your front door so you don’t forget them.

REDUCE: pay attention to the food and products you always seem to end up throwing away, and consider buying less of them or removing them from your shop altogether.

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