Littlehampton Community Fridge


The Littlehampton Community Fridge was the first to be set up as part of the West Sussex Community Fridge Network. Please see below for our opening hours, location and map, and additional information.

Daily updates on deliveries can be found on our Facebook page.

Opening Hours:

Monday: 11am-12pm
Wednesday: 2.30-3.30pm
Thursday: 10.30am-11.30am
Friday: 11am-12pm
Saturday: 10.30am-12pm


St. James’ Church Hall,
1, East Ham Road,

Anyone can come, and take 5 items per adult per day (plus bread). It costs nothing, as all the food is rescued and needs a home to stop it being wasted!

If you wish to leave a donation, you may do so via our website, or we have a box for small change at the fridge. Alternatively, if you have any spare food you’d like to donate, please click here or check our Facebook for details!

Not sure what to expect before your first visit? Watch our walk-through video below!

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Want to Volunteer?

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Littlehampton Community Fridge Monitor
Littlehampton Community Fridge Surplus Food Collector

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