About the Community Fridges

We have two fridges, LITTLEHAMPTON and HORSHAM.


Littlehampton Community Fridge Logo Cropped to fit

What is our Vision?

Fare Divide’s vision is to save perishable foodstuffs from landfill, and to inspire healthier communities by forging give-and-take partnerships making available surplus food to all without judgement and stigma.

How does a Community Fridge differ from a Food Bank?

People usually refer to food banks as an emergency stop gap solution, and are vital for an increasing number of people. Generally non-perishable food items are given out, and food bank users are not always at liberty to choose what they eat, although each food parcel is tailored to each household’s needs. Community Fridges exist to reduce food waste and foster a spirit of sharing and mutual support within a community. They are often open more regularly and offer a source of fresh good quality food surplus for everyone. In many cases the most frequent items moving through the fridge are fruit and veg. They operate on a trust basis and are not means tested.

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