COVID-19: Our Response


We are working as hard as we can to keep the Community Fridge open, as many people are increasingly in need of food. However, to keep our volunteers and the general public safe following the latest government guidelines, we are changing the way we operate.

Instead of having people collect surplus food items from the fridge, we shall be using rescued food to make fresh food parcels and delivering them to those who most need it in the Community, so that everyone has enough to eat.

Please check our Facebook for regular updates.

If you’d like to help out during this time, you absolutely can:

Donate food – With panic buying in the supermarkets, there is a shortage of surplus food items. If you’re a local business, please consider donating any extra food to the Community Fridge.

Don’t stockpile – With the above in mind, please don’t ‘panic buy’ or stockpile food. There is enough food for everyone if we all buy normally, and stockpiling can leave some of the most vulnerable without food.

Make a monetary donation – The Community Fridge is run entirely by volunteers, but even so there are many costs involved. We are also trying to launch a Community Fridge in Horsham in the future, and so any money you can give would be hugely appreciated.